About Me

My name is Byron Wasti, and I am a systems level programmer with a passion for algorithm development, software architecture design, and emerging technologies. I am currently a senior studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at Olin College of Engineering.


Prusto Watch

An open source smart watch with firmware written in Rust.

Chip-8 Emulator

A Chip-8 emulator written in Rust with the goal of being extremely flexible.

Adaptive Biasing Differential Amplifier

A differential amplifier designed in LTSpice with a slew rate that is dependent on the voltage differential on the inputs.

MIMO Communications

A communication protocol written for user defined radios that allows for sending simultaneous data transmissions at the same frequency.

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Prusto Watch #4: A Retrospective

Prusto Watch #3: Learning How to Properly Debug Arm

Prusto Watch #2: Basic Driver Support

Writing A Driver in Rust Using Embedded-Hal Traits for the RN4870 BLE Module

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